Al Chiar Di Luna

Phlegraean wonder



A land to be rediscovered over and over again.

Al Chiar di Luna locates on Monte di Procida natural terrace. From here, you can admire the stunning panorama of the Gulf islands immersed in the blue sea. Campi Flegrei, a volcanic area rich in history, nature, myth, and culture, houses our structure. The precious archaeological remains and the extraordinary landscape will enchant you. This territory is a never-ending discovery!

Procida and Monte di Procida

During your stay, both for short or long periods, you will enjoy the pleasant climate and the enchanting views of the location. You will move around the whole Campi Flegrei area easily.

Monte di Procida, just a stone’s throw from Naples, is found on the West coast of the Phlegrean Gulf. It is the closest point on the mainland to the islands of Procida and Ischia, which can be reached by ferryboat from the small port of Acquamorta.

Bacoli and Pozzuoli

The area offers endless opportunities for excursions and history and culture enthusiasts. You will range from the archaeological remains scattered around Cappella di Monte di Procida, Bacoli and Pozzuoli. In addition, you should not miss the impressive structures from the Bourbon, the Angevin, and the Aragonese periods. Finally, magical and mythical places such as Cumae and its Cave of the Sybil, Baia, Miseno, and last but not least, Lake Averno, known as the gateway to Hades, will leave you breathless.

The Volcanic Area

Campi Flegrei area boasts environmental uniqueness, such as Monte Nuovo Nature Reserve, Europe’s youngest volcano and the Solfatara, the active volcanic “mouth” of the Phlegraean Caldera.

Moreover, do not miss Acquamorta tuffaceous ridges, an authentic open-air natural museum. Scholars worldwide visit this site for its unique stratified embroidery of volcanic matter along Monte di Procida hill slopes.

Campi Flegrei

From a geological point of view, the area is a large caldera in a dormant state. It has a diameter of 12-15 km, whose limits are the Posillipo hill, the Camaldoli hill, the northern slopes of the Quarto crater, the Sanseverino hill, the acropolis of Cuma, and Monte di Procida. Numerous craters and small volcanic buildings – at least 24 – enrich the area.

Our location is more than a setting for your events!