Are you looking for a restaurant for Easter and Easter Monday? With the beginning of spring, do you want an original place to spend one of the most beautiful moments of the year? Find out our special offer!

Our Easter and Easter Monday by Al Chiar di Luna

Al Chiar di Luna is pleased to welcome you for a delicious Easter or Easter Monday lunch or even a relaxing weekend in Monte di Procida. Here is our Easter menu. Reservations are required, and alternative menus are also available for vegans, vegetarians, celiacs or various intolerances. Entertainment for children is also available.

Easter Menu 2022 

Seafood proposal

Mixed seafood appetizers: 

  • Seared Tyrrhenian octopus with chickpea hummus
  • Citrus candied salmon with yoghurt sauce and olive powder
  • Shabu shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • Stuffed squid with pan-fried friarielli (broccoli rabe) and buffalo ricotta cheese
  • "Luciana-style" Sicilian musky octopus served on a polenta crouton

First course
Gragnano mezzipaccheri pasta with langoustine and artichokes

Main course
Mixed grilled meats with mixed salad and roasted eggplant

Pernod strawberries, white chocolate mousse and pistachio crumble *


Land proposal

Mixed land appetizer:

  • Selection of cold cuts and cheese from Campania with jams and honey
  • Meatball of suckling pig with broccoli rabe and caciocavallo fondant
  • Eggplant pie, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

First course
Parmesan ravioli with pan-fried mushrooms and provolone cheese 

Main course
Piedmontese-style suckling pig with baby peas and mashed potatoes

Pernod strawberries, white chocolate mousse and pistachio crumble

Kids' Menu

Ham and Mozzarella cheese
Pennette pasta with tomato sauce 
Cutlet and French fries 

There will be plenty of traditional tastes, from casatiello to pastiera!


- Adults 50,00 € 
- Children 35,00 €
Drinks are not included 

To confirm your table, call us at +39 081 868 24 24: the number is also a WhatsApp, so you can also text us.


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Easter at Al Chiar di Luna is...


The Territory

Al Chiar di Luna is located in Monte di Procida, one of the municipalities of the Campi Flegrei. You can easily reach it from Naples via the city's ring road. Monte di Procida is a beautiful destination for Easter and Easter Monday, either for lunch or a weekend getaway. You can walk on the beach or along some trails, such as the Torrefumo trail, which is among the most straightforward and accessible. There are countless scenic spots between the sea, lakes and volcanoes, and several trekking trails, ideal for Easter Monday.

The most famous Easter recipe from Monte di Procida

For food enthusiasts, the "Re Casatiello" event will be held on Saturday, April 16, at 6 p.m. in Monte di Procida, dedicated to Monte di Procida's traditional Easter dessert. It is a competition during which everyone can participate for up to 40 minutes and test the goodness of their casatiello Easter dessert from Monte di Procida. The Neapolitan casatiello usually is salty, while Monte di Procida'one - but also from other places in the province of Naples- is sweet.

Staying in Monte di Procida

You can also stay here for a weekend with a special package. Monte di Procida is a small village on the Phlegrean coast, and many nearby attractions are easily accessible: the island of Procida, the Piscina Mirabilis, the Casina Vanvitelliana, the archaeological excavations of Cumae, the Baths of Baia, and Pozzuoli with its thousands of opportunities. 

Easter and Easter Monday 2022 packages in our hotel

Silver Package: overnight stay in a room with window + dinner or lunch + breakfast - € 200,00

Gold Package: overnight stay in a room with balcony + dinner or lunch + breakfast - € 210,00

Platinum Package: overnight stay in a room with Jacuzzil + lunch or dinner + breakfast - € 240,00

The restaurant is open on Saturday, April 16 for dinner- Sunday, April 17 and Monday April 18 for lunch. Lunch or dinner includes: Aperitif, Selection of four appetizers, First course, Main course, Dessert, Water (Wines and soft drinks are not included)

 You can make your reservation HERE!

To confirm your table, call us at +39 081 86.82.424: it is also a Whatsapp number, so you can also text us.