8 tips for organizing the Christmas party for companies, cral and associations

One of the basic steps in the social life of any company, association or “group” is definitely the Christmas party.
How to organize it in an exemplary way? Check out our guide with our 8 tips!

8 – Attention to every single detail is basic

In our experience, the best Christmas party is one in which participants will remember the event.
Both the simplicity of the organizational program and the satisfaction of the participants are essential. A cozy and refined environment together with excellent food service are basic points to be respected.

So the secret is to take care of the details to win over all participants!

7 – What type of menu? À la Carte, catering or buffet?

Food with its traditions represents the main artery of the corporate Christmas party. In fact, one of the first things to be organized is precisely the food that will be served during the event.
Usually some companies or groups already have a specific idea related to the menu (traditional, vegetarian, exotic, etc.), while others prefer to get advice from the restaurant.
It should always be clarified in advance whether there are vegan or vegetarian guests or if there are food intolerances and/or allergies, or if there are preferences regarding fish and meat menus. The kitchen should always be informed of everything with regard to both dietary requirements and serving times and any delays.

6 – What drinks for your Christmas party?

If food is the main artery, drinks are no less. In Italy it is generally customary to offer non-alcoholic drink and wine during the meal,
with perhaps an aperitivo before the start of the meal itself and bitters and digestives at the end of the meal. Following the trend of recent years, beverage serving should be “no limits.”

5 – What Christmas atmosphere to choose during the corporate Christmas party?

It will be crucial to recreate the right Christmas atmosphere to put both the more extroverted and the less extroverted guests at ease. Therefore, a festive and cozy atmosphere will be indispensable to recreate the magic of Christmas and spend merry hours together with co-workers as well as company managers.
In addition to the climate, a Christmas dress code will also serve to cheer up spirits even more.

4 – How to arrange the tables during the corporate Christmas party?

Long, well-decorated tables immediately recreate the party atmosphere but tend to alienate guests who are seated at their respective ends. Single tables also facilitate social contacts because individual seats over the course of the event are ceded to other colleagues. Usually this type of choice is quite subjective so consider what might be the best arrangement for your company and employees’ Christmas party.

3 – Table decoration

If the tables are skillfully decorated and the arrangement of lights in the venue are arranged to warm the ambiance and spirits,
the Christmas spirit is ignited and it is immediately festive. Nice place cards and menu holders personalized with the company logo will do the rest as well as restore the sense of belonging to the company.
In this regard, just let us advise you on the latest Christmas trends.

2 – Christmas party organizer

Equally essential will be contact with the Christmas party contact person with whom to point out the various phases of the evening and establish the timing. The contact person is also important for the quickness of any decisions to be made regarding absences, misses, mishaps and unforeseen events of any kind that might be generated during the course of the event.

1 – Al Chiar di Luna’s signature Christmas Party

We can support you in complying with these tips and organize an unforgettable Christmas party with you. We have created a Christmas event perfect for
all corporate Christmas Party requests. In our package we provide everything from the appetizer, starter, main course, cake and a buffet of Christmas desserts and dried fruits.

Click on the image to download the pdf poster

There is seafood and land alternative, as well as menus for vegans, vegetarians, celiacs and any other dietary needs.
Our cuisine is very much linked to the Neapolitan tradition, and our Christmas Party is also typically Neapolitan. However, we are careful to customize our basic format with any kind of requirement.
For set-ups and atmosphere, the facility-thanks to home automation-can be customized with colors to your liking both inside and outside in case of exclusive use.

The main hall has a dolby surround sound system and a state-of-the-art audio-lighting system to make all guests spectators of “lights and music design” shows. For all events, even non-exclusive, we provide piped music.
At the center of the table, in addition to the menu, there will be a classic Christmas setup, and throughout the facility will be illuminated with beautiful Christmas lights.
In addition, it will be possible to think of a signed Al Chiar di Luna giveaway for participants: a dinner or stay voucher to spend in the spring or summer!

We look forward to seeing you at the facility for a personalized quote or contact us via email, tel or whatsapp.




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