Ventotene: a small island hiding great treasures

The splendid Ventotene (province of Latina) locates in the Pontine archipelago, between Ischia and Ponza. The small island is an authentic Mediterranean jewel, rich in history and uncontaminated landscapes. Ventotene is a wild and far from mass tourism oasis of peace.

A tiny paradise

Ventotene is about 2 km square and has less than 1000 inhabitants. Thanks to an almost unspoilt landscape, the island is a true paradise for sea lovers. Its small size allows it to avoid annoying mass tourism: moreover, it is ideally suited for those who like to enjoy diving and excursions calmly. Ventotene has many beaches and sheltered coves; some can only be reached by sea and boast breathtakingly clear blue waters.

Historical Remains

Like the nearby islands, Ventotene was colonised by the Romans. The most representative relics of this period are in the Roman Port. It is a basin dug into the tufa built for protection purposes: even today, the structure is an essential shelter for boats from wind and adverse weather conditions. The modern and the Roman ports coexist in perfect harmony today. Walking along the quay, visitors can notice modern buildings, such as shops and tourist offices, located right in the tufa gallery. Diving enthusiasts will appreciate Pescheria Romana, a complex of tanks connected to the sea by channels. It is at the foot of the lighthouse and can also be reached by swimming. However, most of the construction is underwater. Also, a few minutes walk from the centre are the Roman Cisterns, two tanks built to collect rainwater. Finally, in Ventotene you will also find the remains of sumptuous Roman villas, including Emperor Octavian Augustus’.

The Migration Museum and Ornithological Observatory

Ventotene and the nearby (and uninhabited) Santo Stefano form an exceptional Marine Protected Area. In particular, Ventotene hosts a remarkable Museum and Ornithological Observatory born to observe and census bird species migrating from Africa to Europe. The island’s privileged position and the commitment of local associations, together with the support of government bodies, have made Ventotene and nearby Santo Stefano Special Protection Areas (SPAs) of the European Union. The work carried out by the centre has contributed to the two islands Natural Land Reserve foundation.

What to eat in Ventotene
pescatori ventotene

Fresh sea and land products are the basis of the island cuisine. From their fusion come unique dishes. Vegetables, pulses, fresh fish and native aromatic herbs: the delicacies of Ventotene enrapture all the senses. We advise you to try the homemade gnocchi di mare, a typical island first course with cherry tomatoes, ricotta cheese, chilli pepper, octopus, and freshly caught shrimps. Moreover, the island boasts its own local products. The famous Ventotene lentils are among the finest varieties in Italy and are often served in a delicious soup. Finally, there is no shortage of tasty local wines.

How to reach Ventotene from Al Chiar di Luna

For a trip or a stay in Ventotene, you can easily reach the ports of Naples or Pozzuoli by car or public transport and take the ferry to the island.


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