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Valentine’s Day 2022: what about a week end, a special dinner or lunch in Campi Flegrei?

Giving a gift card with an experience for Valentine’s Day to either your partner or a special loved one is definitely one of the most appreciated choices by the recipient. Our gift card is a special overnight experience in a very romantic place with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples and a glimpse of the Pontine Islands: the hotel’s restaurant experience also offers all guests an amazing food and wine offer. But that’s not all.

You can visit a wonderful territory: the nearby Procida, Italian Capital of Culture 2022, Ischia, Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Naples and much more. Within a few kilometres you will have the opportunity to discover some little-known treasures such as the Piscina Mirabilis in Bacoli, the excavations of Cumae and the Cave of the Cumaean Sibyl, the Castle and the Baths of Baia and the entire Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park. There are also exceptional natural beauties such as Lake Averno, Lake Lucrino, Lake Fusaro with the Casina Vanvitelliana and Lake Miseno. It is possible to go trekking in the Naturalistic Oasis of Monte Nuovo and also enjoy a unique snorkelling experience in the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia.

Our team will guide you to discover the area!

If you would like to visit Procida, before coming to Monte di Procida for lunch or dinner, you can also book a personalised tour for two people only. A package for two people with a round trip ferry from Pozzuoli, a micro-taxi available for about two hours and a guide costs 65 € per person. From 4 to 6 people, 50 € per person.
This package can be combined with one of our Valentine’s Day Gift Cards.

By giving a gift card, you have the possibility to use it for Valentine’s Day and for stays until 30 April 2022.

View of Ischia, Procida and Vivara from the terrace of Al Chiar di Luna


How to give a Valentine’s Day Gift Card

We offer different types of Valentine’s Day Gift Card to spend Valentine’s Day with us, also staying at the hotel, or to use for stays up to 30 April 2022:

SAN VALENTINO GIFT CARD SILVER – 220 euro (dinner, overnight stay in room with window, breakfast and free gift)
SAN VALENTINO GIFT CARD GOLD – 230 euro (dinner, overnight stay in a room with balcony, breakfast and free gift)
SAN VALENTINO GIFT CARD PLATINUM – 260 euro (dinner, overnight stay in room with whirlpool, breakfast and free gift)

To this you can add the Procida Package. A package for two people with round trip ferry from Pozzuoli, micro taxi available for about two hours and guide costs 65 € per person. From 4 to 6 people, 50 € per person.

To book, you can call 0818682424!

Are you already in the area and only want to book dinner?


The 2022 Valentine’s Day by
Al Chiar di Luna will be a romantic experience
inspired by songs and quotes in a place where love is celebrated every day!
The dates to celebrate are as follows:

12 February for dinner at 8.30pm

13 February for lunch at 13.00

14 February for dinner at 20.30



The cost is 120 euros per couple. For both lunch and dinner we have planned a menu to choose between sea and land.

Here are the menus!

Al Chiar di Luna has a tradition in catering that goes back to 1955. More than 65 years of experience in the field make our cuisine special because of the family and business heritage, the attention to innovations and new trends and the passion for this work every day.

The seafood menu includes:
Bluefin tuna tartare and guacamole
Salmon with citrus fruits and caramelized onion
Langoustine with lime and pink pepper with tomato and buffalo soup

Octopus with olives and capers, sanded couscous and mashed escarole

First course:
Conchiglie with shellfish ragout, seafood and burrata cheese

Main course:
Crispy swordfish steak with roast potato and pan-fried Brussels sprouts

The land menu includes:
Veal carpaccio, songino and candied tomato with Dijon mustard
Our caprese
Culatello di Zibello with cantaloupe beads

Artichoke gratin with caciocavallo cheese fondant

First course:
Saffron risotto with mushroom sauce

Main course:
Filet of pork with green pepper and garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower with pan-fried vegetables

Dark chocolate mousse, caramelised pears, raspberry coulis and fior di latte ice cream
Rum baba ingot, fruit and citrus cream

Cost – 120 € per couple (water included, other drinks not included)
Children – 35 €.

How to surprise your partner or the person you are giving the card to?

Al Chiar di luna offers you the possibility to surprise your partner: because love and affection should be celebrated and supported by little big surprises! Our staff is available to personalise this romantic experience.
Here are just a few examples of how to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Balloon room decoration with love lettering – € 40
Prosecco in the room – €30

Flower bouquet – € 40

Box of chocolates – € 25

“Will you marry me?” with balloons – € 250
“Will you marry me?” with balloons and star rain – €400

Call us on 0818682424 to book these and other services and personalise them!


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