Patronal Feast of Our Lady Assunta of Monte di Procida

The main religious event held in the municipality of Monte di Procida is the “Festa Patronale dell’Assunta.” It is the patronal festival held during the week of Ferragosto, from August 14 to 17.  Many families from Monte di Procida have friends and relatives in the United States who return for the Feast, which becomes an unfailing gathering time for all.

Here is this year’s program:


During the Feast, the town is transformed into a large amusement park, with a thousand attractions. The festivities are traditionally closed by a spectacular display of fireworks, which attracts visitors from all over Campania. Some Montesi (citizens from Monte di Procida) claim that these are the most beautiful fireworks in the world!

The fireworks are arranged by Vaccaluzzo Events, which has been bringing the art of pyrotechnics made in Sicily to life since the late 1800s. Here are the company’s major successes: the crowning as the best in the world, two years in a row in 2005 and 2006, at Roma Caput Lucis – the World Championship of Pyromusical Art; in 2006 the victory of the prestigious Champions of Champions Cup in Tarragona, Spain; and again the standing ovation received at the International Symposium in Berlin where it participated as guest of honor, distinguishing itself among the world’s most important teams for juxtaposing the music of live violins with the silent ballet of fireworks, offering an unforgettable spectacle for its elegance and sophistication.

Of importance then, for religious festivities, is the August 15 procession of Assunta, with a centuries-old tradition. The statue of the Assunta, clad in the ex-votos, is carried on the shoulders, by the sailors of Montese in conscription service, through the main streets of the town. It is the feast of sailors and emigrants, who return to the village to thank Our Lady.

In the evening, in a folkloric auction whose memory is more than a century old, offerings collected during the procession, wine, chickens and other products of the countryside are sold to the public.

Some historians trace the Montesians’ veneration for Our Lady to the ancient cult for Minerva, to whom a temple was dedicated on the nearby Cappella Tower, where Deacon Sossio, who was martyred in 305 with Bishop Gennaro, is said to have been trained. A cult continued in the form of the “warrior Madonna” throughout the Middle Ages, until, in the early seventeenth century, Cardinal Ascanio Filomarino had the church built and wished to dedicate it to the Assunta.

A change that had singular consequences even on the ancient image-still preserved in the church, albeit in very poor condition-that depicted the “warrior Madonna.” In depicting her, in fact, the painter had left her robe open at the front, revealing her calves. A pose certainly not suitable for the Assunta and the religious climate of the time: the bishop thus arranged for the painting to be suitably retouched.

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Photo Credit Pasquale Mancino 


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