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Immaculate Conception Bridge in Monte di Procida and the Campi Flegrei

For the Immaculate Conception Bridge give yourself a vacation away from home and treat yourself to a few days of relaxation and a new experience among the illuminations of the 18th-century Casina Vanvitelliana and the Archaeological Route with Christmas illuminations. We are waiting for you in the Campi Flegrei!

During a relaxing walk on the shores of Lago Fusaro in a landscape of incredible environmental interest, a choreographic wooden pier adorned with Christmas lights will appear to you, leading to the 18th-century Casina Vanvitelliana built on a small island. Its plastic shapes wrapped in LEDs will instantly convey to you the magical atmosphere of Christmas and the fairy-tale place. The photos you take will testify to what you have just admired.
You will not be able to escape the archaeological appeal of a neighborhood where the history of the centuries are superimposed like pages of a book. We are talking about the Rione Terra in Pozzuoli formerly called Puteoli one of the richest, most prosperous and populous cities in Italy. It rarely happens to be able to visit an archaeological site with illuminations and Christmas magic along the way. Don’t miss the opportunity for an archaeo-Christmas selfie!

Our signature proposals “Al Chiar di Luna”

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To frame these two incredible itineraries Al Chiar di Luna has designed for you some packages that will allow you to relax while staying at our resort, admiring the unparalleled panorama of Procida, Ischia and the Pontine Islands and trying one of the following 4 experiences:

1.Relaxation Package – It is well known that in ancient Roman times much time was spent relaxing and taking care of one’s body. At the “Stufe di Nerone” with its two thousand years of history between a Kneipp path and between a bath in the thermal pools, between a mud therapy and a sauna and / or Turkish bath in the cave you can live a day like the ancient Romans.

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2.Discovery Package – Once away from home, you can finally leave your car behind and indulge in pleasant walks. A local tour guide will accompany you to discover hidden nooks and crannies and places from which you can admire breathtaking views of formidable beauty.

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3. Gastronomy Package – Vacation is also synonymous with walking, hiking, relaxing and last but not least good food. “Al Chiar di Luna,” backed by the experience of 60 years of family-run business will tempt you with the tasting of traditional local dishes and local wines. There will be no shortage of innovative recipes to delight your palate and make your stay unforgettable.

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4.Romantic Package – To get away from the hectic daily life and carve out some time to spend together with your partner in a peaceful corner of unspoiled beauty, we have thought of a welcome that immediately projects you into that “happy island” where you can dedicate time to the couple. That time that will be so fulfilling that it will set aside stress. An aperitif overlooking the sea, prosecco to toast their desires and a sweet surprise in the room to exchange sweet smiles.

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