Al Chiar di Luna, with its 35 years of corporate history, has always been a reference point for the municipality of Monte di Procida both for its involvement in territorial promotion activities and for being a meeting place for public and private events. In 2021, the need arose to structure an authentic destination management project for Monte di Procida. The project is closely related to the vision of Al Chiar di Luna: to contribute to creating an attractive and unique tourist product. It will turn Monte di Procida and the Campi Flegrei into the trendiest destinations of the coming years. We address increasingly varied clients beyond Campania's borders and focus on attracting foreign customers who plan their destination wedding here. Al Chiar di Luna Project for the area includes several actions:

  • Social media activity
  • Destination videos
  • Articles on the territory, culture, traditions, history and geography

The first video has already been launched by the largest community in the world dedicated to Italy and Campania: e

We are preparing for the 2023 most significant events, which put Monte di Procida at the centre of the international scene, such as the European Municipality of Sport 2023.

Al Chiar di Luna planned an outstanding campaign to promote the area and created a dedicated logo for the specific purpose.


In the logo we have highlighted a “#homefeeling” ppay off to highlight the sentiment of "feeling at home" (our goal with all tourists, both leisure and business) and also of homesickness, also closely linked to the Montesi in the world and in particular in the United States. In line with Mdp2023, we have thought of 5 verbs that take their cue from the word SPORT:

In the logo, we have highlighted a pay-off, "#homefeeling" to highlight the feeling of being at home. It is our goal with all tourists travelling for leisure and business. Moreover, homesickness is also very closely linked to the Monte di Procida citizens worldwide, particularly in the United States. In line with Mdp2023, we came up with 5 verbs inspired by the word SPORT:

  • S - #seguici: (literally follow us) it is a call to follow Al Chiar di Luna and the territory activities: Monte di Procida 2023 with all our destination's sports, cultural and naturalistic initiatives. It is also a reminder to follow our events and our people.
  • P - #parti: starting from your place of residence anywhere in the world and visiting our wonderful destination and starting from Monte di Procida to bring the destination to the world.
  • O - #osserva: observe the beauty of our landscapes, observe the fishermen in Acquamorta, observe the sea, observe the churches, observe the murals.
  • R - #ricaricati: (recharge yourself): our destination stands for relaxation, fun, appreciatingg food and wine traditions. Recharge yourself with a sunset, a boat ride or a beautiful panorama.
  • T - #trionfa:  to triumph means to gain recognition, win a sports competition and spread the name of the destination to as many people as possible.

We are waiting for you at Al Chiar di Luna where you will fall in love with Monte di Procida and the Campi Flegrei!