5 ideas for your winter weekend near Naples: between Pozzuoli, Bacoli and Monte di Procida

Are you looking for an original and different winter weekend?

Here are 5 ideas for spending it in our area among natural beauty, archaeology and food and wine experiences.

5 – An archaeological and cultural tour.

A tour of the Campi Flegrei with the Dedalo shuttle bus: from November 25th to January 15th, it will be possible to visit all the major attractions of the Campi Flegrei by bus. You can leave your car at home or park it and take advantage of this free service from Thursday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can then be enchanted by the beauty of the Piscina Mirabilis or the richness of the Archaeological Museum of the Castle of Baia.



4 – The sea in winter.

A walk by the sea and a hot tea with a tour of the Phlegrean panoramas.
For the beach you can choose Miliscola which is very long and easy for walking and there are always bars open even in winter.
For panoramas we recommend Monte di Procida, which is considered the Terrace of the Campi Flgrei because any point is actually a belvedere.
There are at least 12 of them: Belvedere Casa Comunale, Belvedere Piazza dell’Acropoli, Belvedere su Ischia, Belvedere of Via Marconi, Small Belvedere of Via Panoramica, Belvedere from the Monument of the Fallen at Sea, Belvedere Via Panoramica view of Cuma, Belvedere of Via Panoramica view of Lago Miseno, Belvedere of Via Torregaveta, Hyperion, small belvedere on Torrefumo, Belvedere of Via Imbò and Belvedere Stupor Mundi of Via Panoramica.

3 – A day at the Campi Flegrei spa.

What could be better than relaxing in the warm waters of a spa in winter?
In the Campi Flegrei, the Ancient Romans used to come to this destination to laze around. Even today you can still visit and enjoy all the benefits of the thermal waters at the Terme Stufe di Nerone.

2 – The Murales tour in Monte di Procida and the Torrefumo nature walk.

Thanks to the Montese Urban Art projects, curated by the Vivi l’Estate Association, it is possible to combine a tour of the murals with a nature walk in Torrefumo.

There are currently four murals:

1Church Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo murale by Luis Gomez de Teran: it is dedicated to the patron saint of the Montesi people.
Location: Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo – Piazza XXVII Gennaio, 5, 80070 Monte di Procida NA


2 – Murales Percezioni, the work of Antonio Art:: the colors, figures, and stones of the Phlegrean land with discreet touches and slight, allusive gestures draw the history of our land, which speak through symbols, letters and hieroglyphics.
Location: Via Giovanni da Procida, Monte di Procida


3 – Michele Sovente tribute murale, by Leticia Mandragora/ Leticia Mandragora
Sovente was born and lived in Monte di Procida, right in Cappella. He taught cultural anthropology at the Academy of Fine Arts and collaborated with the newspaper Il Mattino. Considered one of the three major contemporary Neapolitan neo-dialectal poets, he mixes Latin, Italian and vernacular Neapolitan in his works.
Location: Via Petrara, 4 Monte di Procida


4 – Acquamorta murals by Leticia Mandragora and Nicholas Perra/ Nicholas Perra
This is a fairy-tale reading of the history of Acquamorta. “The story goes, in fact, that a beautiful young maiden named Acqua escaped her father’s pressures and took refuge on this very beach for a dip and some peace. One day, however, she went too far out to sea and a young fisherman from Procida rescued her in the waves. From that moment on, the boy would dock his little boat right there, just a stone’s throw from the beach, so he could see the maiden. At some point, however, Joshua did not return to dry land. According to beliefs, the young man lost his life in a storm. The maiden, unable to bear the pain, killed herself, throwing herself into the sea, hoping to be reunited with her love. Her body, they say, was never found.”
Location: Corso Garibaldi, Monte di Procida, Circolo Didattico Dante Alighieri

We look forward to seeing you on this incredible tour of the Murals!

1 – The nature oasis of Torrefumo.  

This tour can be combined with a walk to Acquamorta on the pier, admiring the work of the fishermen, and continue-perhaps just before sunset-for a nice walk to Torrefumo.
Torrefumo is a nature oasis named after a watchtower that no longer exists and is geographically located between the towns of Bacoli and Monte di Procida and exactly between the Marina of Acquamorta and Santolillo beach in Miliscola.
On the path you will find a small lake where some migratory birds find refreshment. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the island of Ischia and Procida and the islet of San Martino.

1 – A lovely weekend signatured by Al Chiar di Luna.

We offer you a weekend of comfort and taste that you can live intensely either as a single experience or combined with all the previous ideas.
Al Chiar di Luna offers three types of rooms: standard, superior and executive.
For each type of room we have provided a package with dinner included or lunch on Sunday.

Package valid from November 27 to March 30, 2023

Standard Package: overnight stay in standard room + dinner or lunch + breakfast
€ 160 per couple

Superior Package: overnight stay in Superior room + dinner or lunch + breakfast
€ 178 per couple

Executive Package: overnight stay in room with Jacuzzi + lunch or dinner + breakfast
€ 218 per couple

Lunch or dinner includes: Aperitif, Appetizer, First or second course, Dessert, Water (Wines and soft drinks not included)
Dinner is available every day and lunch is provided on Sunday.
The promo is not valid for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Bridges and Holidays.

With this package, you are sure to enjoy the relaxation of a comfortable room, a tasty in-room breakfast and Sunday dinner or lunch.Con questo pacchetto, potrete sicuramente godere del relax di una camera confortevole, di una gustosa colazione in camera e di una cena o un pranzo domenicale.



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