Procida and its connection with Monte di Procida

Procida measures just 4 square kilometres and can easily be visited in the space of a weekend. This small Phlegrean island, which has only recently experienced more frenetic beach tourism, boasts many sights scattered around its small perimeter. Moreover, the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples has also been chosen as the Italian Capital […]

The Emperor Nero and Campi Flegrei thermal baths

«Balnea vina venus corrumpunt corpora nostra sed vitam faciunt» «Bathing, wine and love ruin our bodies, but they make life worth living» Tito Claudio Secondo, own Emperor Claudius’ former slave   For the Romans, the baths played a fundamental role in social life. They were a meeting place to which everyone had access, even the plebs. […]

Archaeological Area of Pozzuoli and The Temple of Augustus

Pozzuoli preserves the testimonies of a glorious past, a part of which is even submerged. The city developed in the heart of Campi Flegrei and, for this reason, is constantly subject to bradyseism and other fascinating volcanic phenomena. These features make it an area of great scientific, archaeological and historical interest. Ancient Roman Puteoli The […]

Temple of Serapis or Macellum of Pozzuoli

The Temple of Serapis is one of the best known and most representative monuments of the Phlegraean area and the ancient world. The archaeological site has a unique scientific and archaeological value. Temple of Serapis or Macellum? Long mistakenly considered a temple of Serapis because of the discovery of the deity’s statue. In reality, it […]

Procida and its Bond to Monte Di Procida

Procida measures only 4 square kilometres. You can visit it in a few days. This small Phlegrean island, which has only recently experienced the most frenetic seaside tourism, boasts many places of interest scattered around its perimeter. The smallest island in the Gulf of Naples has also been chosen as the Italian Capital of Culture […]

The lakes of Campi Flegrei

In every respect, a rich and fertile land, the Campi Flegrei are no less so in terms of hydrography. The large quantity of water, due to the presence of the sea and the numerous aquifers, the large amount of water is an essential resource for the area. There are Phlegraean lakes: Lake Averno, Lake Lucrino, […]

Ventotene: a small island hiding great treasures

The splendid Ventotene (province of Latina) locates in the Pontine archipelago, between Ischia and Ponza. The small island is an authentic Mediterranean jewel, rich in history and uncontaminated landscapes. Ventotene is a wild and far from mass tourism oasis of peace. A tiny paradise Ventotene is about 2 km square and has less than 1000 […]

The moon amongst ancient peoples

The moon influences our lives more than we can imagine. Since the dawn of time, man has tried to observe it and understand its mysterious and fascinating nature. “I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it” Albert Einstein Man and moon observation When we talk about observing […]

Lake Fusaro: origins, history and curiosities

Lake Fusaro is one of the four lakes of Campi Flegrei. It locates in the homonymous hamlet in the province of Bacoli. Monte di Cumae to the north and Monte di Procida to the south encloses the lagoon basin, which presents a natural scenery that views the islands of Ischia and Procida as a panoramic […]

Lake Avernus: origins, myth and history

Lake Avernus is one of the four lakes of Campi Flegrei. It is a Naturalistic Oasis with fascinating morphological and mythological features. It locates between the hamlet of Lucrino and the archaeological site of Cuma and belongs to the Municipality of Pozzuoli. Origins Lake Avernus is a mirror of dark water formed in the basin […]

The Sibyl’s Cave and other cavities in Campi Flegrei

The Phlegrean area is rich in artificial cavities. The caves scattered over the vast territory of Campi Flegrei have different origins, structures and functions, but each visit guarantees an unforgettable experience. Below, we highlight the most famous ones that visitors can see today. The Sibyl’s Cave The so-called Antro della Sibilla (Sibyl’s Cave) is the […]

The Archaeological Park of Cumae

Cumae is a very ancient Greek colony situated close to the coast of Campania, a few kilometres from Naples. In the past, it became an integral part of the Roman Empire and, later, was invaded by various populations. Nowadays, the Archaeological Park of Cumae is a direct testimony of a fascinating history rooted in the […]

The Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia

“Nullus in orbe sinus Baiis praelucet amoenis…” (Nothing in the world is more magnificent than the lovely Bay of Baia) Horace Did you know that there is an underwater world where nature and history coexist perfectly? Let’s discover it together in a fascinating journey between past and present. The Archaeological Park of Baia is a […]

5 romantic places near Naples: our contribution to the area

An important aspect of Al Chiar di Luna’s mission is territorial promotion: in concrete terms, the company is increasingly promoting the Campi Flegrei. In recent months, many actions have been taken: from joining theCampi Flegrei Active network, an unprecedented initiative in the Phlegraean area, to supporting many associations in Monte di Procida. THE VIDEO ON VISITNAPLES.EU: […]